Terms and Conditions


  • As per the directive given by the Government of India, Department of Tourism ,all Indian/Foreign Nationals are required to produce proper proof of identification upon check-in valid identifications documents like : Passport ,Voters Id card, Current Drivers Licence, Pan Card Copy. All the documents should include a photograph.
  • Please clarify total number of passenger including infant and child at the time of booking only, vehicle will be suggested and booked as per the given information only. Last movement no replacement of vehicle will be possible or allowed.
  • Please clarify the seating capacity of vehicle, type of vehicle as per your comfort level, which you have booked well in advance with company’s booking executive.
  • Meals included in package will be start by dinner on day one and ends with breakfast on Last day.
  • Driver contact details will be forwarded on your given contact number before 12 hrs only of your arrival at first point, it may be changed at any of the reason also.
  • Rates may vary according to availability and patronizing of hotels / resorts.
  • AC will be not operated in hilly area. This is transporter rules in North India. They don’t allowed A/c while on Hilly areas.


If the Outbound Tour is cancelled for any reason what-so-ever, including cases of visa rejection or voluntary cancellation by the User the cancellation charges as mentioned in the brochure or the itinerary will apply. In the absence of any such information, the following cancellation charges will apply

Time period in which the cancellation is made Charges
45 days or more, prior to departure  Booking fees
Between 44 and 31 days of departure 25% of Tour Cost
Between 30 and 15 days of departure 50% of Tour Cost
Between 14 and 8 days of departure 75% of Tour Cost
Within 7 days prior to date of departure, or no-show for any reason what-so-ever 100% of Tour Cost


Amendment of booked tour will be treated as Cancellation. However, minor amendments can be made on the payment of a communication charge.


-The Fox Traveller is only a facilitator and any refund for any service(s) which are not delivered by the service provider /Independent Contractors or for any reason for which the User is entitled for a refund is subject to the FOX traveller receiving the amount from the said service provider. User acknowledges that the FOX traveller shall not be held liable for any delay in refund or non-refund of the amount from the respective service provider or Independent Contractors of the FOX traveller. In such events the User shall directly approach the service provider for any claims.

-In case the User makes any changes in their accommodation while on the Outbound Tour, the FOX traveller shall not refund or pay compensation in any manner whatsoever. The User would also be liable to pay any additional sum that is required to be paid consequent to the aforesaid changes made in the accommodation.

-In the event of any delay in the refund beyond the period specified herein, the entire liability of the FOX traveller shall be refund of the said amount at the applicable bank.

-No Refund of any unveiled services – During entire package.

-No Refund of any unveiled meals which is ideally included in package – during hotel stay / itinerary.

-No Refund for unveiled or unavailability of complimentary service of hotel / resorts.

-Difference of package rates between season and off season will be applicable at the time of new booking as per the actual and refund amount will be adjusted in the same.


  • Booking amount – 100% Advance for Ticket booking.
  • Booking amount – 30% of total package at the time of booking
  • Balance payment of 100 % of total package cost to be clear at the time of delivery of voucher, itinerary and fact sheet of your package booked.
  • Those booking are made well in advance; all payment must be clear before minimum 30 days of date of departure of your tour.
  • Those booking are made on short notice; all payment must be clear within 2 to 3 days.
  • Those booking are made on spot check in; all payment must be made at the time of booking only.
  • No credit policy is available at any of the reason / conditions.
  • Those booking are made after reaching on resort/hotel; payment must be paid at the time of check in only.
  • All guests have to make necessary arrangement of payment on priority basis as and when requires by our operation department.
  • For hotel / package booking in 4* / 5* resort and above, payment must be made at the time of booking or earliest basis. – Maximum 24hrs time limit for payment for the booking is given by resort/ hotel managements.
  • A payment term is subject to change as per date of booking, travel date, travel season, sold out dates, category of hotel booked.



  • Our company is not a body part of any Airlines or Railway Department, we are just providing the service to guest for their convince, No guarantee or a commitment will be given by us regarding confirm flying of Aircraft, departure of trains, time schedules of both of the options, ticket confirmation, waiting ticket confirmation, delay in departure, late schedules due to any of the technical reason or changes in fare rules or taxes in Air ticket off Railway Tickets.
  • If your tickets are booked by our company, all guests are requested to cross check tickets details with your given details, no changes after long duration of ticketing.
  • All guests are requested to recheck your name, gender and age, travel date, departure timings, train / flight number, airlines, class of booking which is mention on tickets and at the time taking delivery of tickets only.
  • Any mistake to be taken in our management attention on the spot and at the time of taking the delivery of tickets.
  • Kindly check the reporting timings of Airport or Railway station with given tickets.
  • No commitment of guarantee will be given for adjoining seats, continue seat numbers, similar coach, continue raw, lower, middle, upper berth for your ticketing as we are not a part of the respective airlines of Railway department, we also out source this service to other approved agents on behalf of guest only. We are not the issuing authorities for Railway or Airlines.
  • No commitment related to confirm flying of aircraft of on time departure of trains.
  • No commitment related to lending time of Aircraft or reaching time of train to booked points.
  • Any loss due to late arrival, cancellation of flight/ train, missing the flight / train will be barred by guest and no refund will be entertained by company of unveiled service which is laps due to any of the above given reason.
  • In case of cancellation of train / flight, we are liable to refund the amount which is approved by respective Airlines or Railway Dept.
  • Any cost difference related to alternate arrangement of emergency change of mode of travel will be barred by guest only; we are not liable of any kind of loss due to any delay or cancellation of Airlines / Train at any of the reason.
  • Any refund will not been possible for hotel booking or vehicle booking if guest can’t reach on final dated on final destination at any of the reason, as it was booked well in advance for you and as per the cancellation policy also.
  • Any adjustment in service, cost, extension in service of hotel booking or vehicle booking will not been possible due to any of the reason related to cancellation or delay in Airlines or Train.
  • Any kind of adjustment of loss of amount or laps of service will not been possible at any cost in this situation if tickets are booked by guest directly or ticket are booked through our company even. There is no connection or interconnection between ticketing to other booked travel related services.


  • As per the directive given by the Government of India, Department of Tourism ,all Indian/Foreign Nationals are required to produce proper proof of identification upon check-in. Valid identifications documents like : Passport ,Voters Id card, Current Driving License, Pan Card Copy. All the documents should include a photograph.
  • Ideal check in time will be 12:00 PM, Check Out timings will be 11:00 AM only.
  • Late check in & check out will be permitted as per subject to availability of respective resorts / Hotels.
  • All the ideal quotation is based on standard category of rooms in each of the resort unless specify respective quotation.
  • Complimentary room category upgradedation will be depends on availability of rooms and as per hotels terms & conditions only.
  • If guest want to upgrade the resort or room, the difference of amount will be barred by guest as per actual and also on direct payment basis only.
  • Room Heater available in hotel with an extra cost bared by the guest directly (Depends on hotel policy and terms)
  • If booking is more than 1 rooms in same or all resort in different destination, possibly that rooms should been on different in the sense of floor, location, room size, amenities, facilities etc. (Depends on hotels structure) even in same category of rooms booking also.
  • Guest are requested to clarify the choice of hotels as per their requirements of location, class & category of hotels at the time of booking only, Intensely no booking executive or company want to make you uncomfortable with location or level of your comfort zone.
  • All guests are requested, not to rating or categories hotels/ resort in sense of “Star” in hill station area or a tourist area, it is categories in Standard, Deluxe, Luxury & Premium segment, but the facility of the resort is similar to that rating only.
  • Respective hotels or Resort are deciding their segment in their region or we place them according to their package rates and tariff only.
  • Guest can’t compare the rating of hotels / resort in hill station areas or tourist spot areas with business city or business class of hotels.
  • We can compare the service and amenities with rated hotels, rated hotels are not in that area due to reason” even they also can’t maintain or provide the service or amenities according to their brand, otherwise their presence will be defiantly in that city or area if it is possible”
  • Hotels management have right to change the reservation; shift to guest at any time due to any unavoidable circumstances or situations.
  • In this situation similar category of resort in terms of category and rates will be organized by respective resort management or us, that should been agreed by guest without any argument on that,
  • All guest are requested to recheck the provided vouchers by our company before start the tours, if any mistake found in that related to date, meal plan, room type clarification, kindly amend the same as earliest and on the spot take in to our attention also to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or mass up.


  • Please check the timings of buffet breakfast & dinner at all hotels at the time of check in to resorts. Meals taken before or after that timings will be extra and you will have to pay directly at resorts Hotels are strict for their buffet meal timings.
  • Meal preference to be informed at the time of booking to respective booking executive of company.
  • Please inform your meal preference at the time of check in to the resorts (Jain or Non Veg also).
  • Any refund / adjustment related to early check out from hotels / short stay in resort – hotel, skipping in meal consumption will not been entertained at any cost by our company, if possible on mutual understanding we will try to short out the same, as on today no refund will be committed from our company related to any refund / adjustment due to the transport strike or similar.
  • Any change in meal allocation as mention hotels will not been possible due to any of the reason like strike or flight delay or vehicle breakdown situations.
  • Complimentary child are allowed to avail the meals which is included in buffet or decided by resort / hotel management, any extra meals of beverage which is not applied in buffet items or included in ideal menu will be charged extra on direct payment, kindly check the respective rate chart for those items before placing the order to respective hotel / restaurant for complimentary children. No dispute will be short out after generating the bills for the same and no discount will be entertained at any of the cost.


  • Driver and vehicle details will be forwarded on your contact mobile numbers which is given at the time of booking, it will be forwarded to guest 12 hrs prior of your first arrival points by our software systems. Guest are requested not to take follow up for the vehicle details and driver details.
  • It is possible that, the details which is forward to you can be replace of change at last movement due to any technical reason or any of the reason also.
  • All guests are requested to satisfy themselves with vehicle or driver within minimum duration of time, if you found any kind of major issue in vehicle like carrier, a/c, wheels, seating capacity, music system of any other things, please inform our operation department on the spot without wasting the time.
  • Any possible solution related to above mention problems can be cured within possible of time limit and area only, once time passed or distance passed, the salutation will be difficult to take in minimum time, it will take much more time to sort out the problem.
  • All guest are requested to clarify their number of passenger including child and infant at the time of booking only to respective booking executive of our company to avoid any unconvinced to your traveling schedules, if perfect information is not given at the time of booking then no solution will be provided on the spot and vehicle also not allowed out of the way and breaking the rules.
  • We are organizing the vehicle according to the number of paying passengers only unless specifically mention child in traveling schedules.
  • Any Hike up in Fuel cost & changes in taxes structure etc. after date of quotation and even after booking will be charged extra on actual amount of changes and bared by guest either well in advance or on direct payment basis.
  • Keep driver’s mobile number with you at all time during journey.
  • Conway message & discuss for next day schedules with driver in advance to avoid misunderstanding and west of timings.
  • Every time when you left the vehicle, please inform about your next return schedules to your driver. So he can have his times for his routine meals.
  • Some time political strike is happening in Delhi State, most of the time is was uncertain and unexpected, if any kind of event accrued during the itinerary, vehicle will not been moved from any city to Delhi at any cost, it is totally depends on their city situations and positions, if driver insist to travel at different or odd timings, guest must have to ready at that point or time.
  • Any cost burden related forcefully extra night arrangement in resort / meals / extra Kms running due change of route in travel due to transport strike in state, will be charged actual and as per the conditions and terms, that should been agreed by guest at that points and conditions, no argument will be allowed regarding this matter, we will be helpless against this situations.
  • Vehicles will be allowed till maximum possible point, it will not been carried till those place where Gov. Permit is not their or road conditions is not proper.
  • For “Rothang Pass” sightseeing you have to leave your hotel as early as possible in the morning because it is one way otherwise your driver try to park your Car nearest to the point as possible, but after that how to reach at point that is guest responsibility.
  • Sightseeing of Rohtang Pass will be covered once during the stay only and all family has to travel on same day if the vehicle is booked of shared by more than 1 family.
  • Ideal timings of use of Vehicle will be from 7:00 AM approx till 08:00 PM only for all ideal transfer and main mentioned sightseeing only, ( In emergency case it will be flexible also)

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